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Ayurvedic Medicines To Increase Breast Size

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Increase Breast Size With White Kwao Krua (Pueraria Mirifica)
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ayurvedic medicines to increase breast size

How To Make Small breasts Large

Small breast size has many disadvantages in a woman’s life the biggest one being low self confidence. Men also prefer women with big breasts and they play a very vital role in attracting men towards her, but there is no need to feel depressed if your breasts are small because there are a number of ways with which you can increase the size of your breasts and yes we are not talking about the expensive and complicated surgical methods infact in this article we are going to find out effective alternative ways of enhancing your breasts which do not cause any side effects.

Use Natural Herbs
There are a number of herbs which help in enhancing breast size. In ayurvedic system of medicine herbs like fenugreek and fennel seeds have been specifically mentioned for treating small breast problem. However , there is an herb from the north of Thailand (pueraria mirifica ) known to the locals as White Kwao Krua, This herb has been used for centuries, and until recently was a secret to western society , What pueraria mirifica does is it safely changes the estrogen receptors and makes your body to “grow younger ” so to speak, this amazing herb, is very popular in the treatment of menopause as well as assisting with many other age related problems, with the only side effect being Increased Breast Size. more information can be found about this amazing herb here .  The important thing to keep in mind when buying a herbal medicine is to make sure you are buying the best quality herbs because the more pure the herb the more effective it will be. While taking these medicines make sure that you follow the directions given like if you have to take 3 tablets 3 times a day you should never miss a dose because it will hinder the healing process.

Increase intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, avoid substances like alcohol, nicotine and caffeine as they interfere with the working of herbs. Eat carrots as they are strangely very famous for increasing breast size. Avoid junk food as it contains a lot of toxins which are harmful for your body.

Also do lite exercises like push ups and dumb bell flies to improve your posture and appearance of your breasts. Also exercising regularly will improve your overall personality and you will emerge as a completely changed person full of confidence and positive attitude in everything you will do.

These are some of the ways which will help you get those bigger firmer breasts you have always longed for without spending thousands of dollars on surgery. Be healthy.

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3 Responses to “Ayurvedic Medicines To Increase Breast Size”
  1. hannu says:

    are these ayurvedic medicines recommendable for a 14 years girl?my daughter is 14 years of age and has nt developed breast.kindly help me if it has no side effects can i give to my 14 years old daughter

  2. admin says:

    I would recommend not to use pueraria mirifica till at least the age of 18, to let your daughters natural hormones work there course,, some people are late bloomers, and it would be best not to get in the way of mother nature,
    nuts , proteins, fruits and vegetables would be great for her, and try to stay away from anything unnatural,, if by the age of 18-20 she sees no development then order some pueraria mirifica, and it should help.

  3. GARGI says:

    I am 26 years old age and has nt developed breast.kindly help me if it has no side effects

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