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100% Natural Pueraria Mirifica (White Kwao Krua) Spring Sale best buy Pueraria Mirifica Butea Superba Kwao Krua Scientific Study Dr. Wichai has astounded the scientific community with his discovery. His breakthrough discovery  is no accident. He has spent over 12 years researching, studying and testing Butea Superba both  out in the jungles of Thailand and his laboratory. In 2003 his landmark human clinical trial was  presented to the scientific community for the first time. It was instantly met with rave reviews and  praise. He work was quickly validated by leading scientific and medical journals around the world.  In 2004, he was nominated for the Royan Institutes prestigious International Biomedical  Researcher of the Year Award. This is an annual prize for the outstanding research in reproductive  biomedicine and Ethnopharmacology.  In 1999, a research team at Ramathibodi Hospital got together with the team from the Institute of  Thai Traditional Medicine. It was financially supported by the Thai Traditional Medicine Foundation  and technical support from Department of Medical Sciences at the Ministry of Public Health. The  team started animal testing trials for acute and semi-chronic toxicology of Butea Superba produced  by Dr. Cherdshewasart. The data obtained will be used in the future in designing the clinical testing  on humans. Men from all over Thailand and other parts of the orient travel great distances to head  for the hills of Thailand in search of the Butea Superba plant. As a result of this activity the Thailand  government is stepping up its efforts to crack down on Butea Superba   poachers and is considering a ban on the plant's export to prevent   piracy to foreign countries.  Butea Superba or Red Kwao Krua has demonstrated multiple health   benefits in several studies concentrating on its benefits toward male   health. Derived from clonal selection, the cultivar with the highest   flavonoid and flavonoid glycosides have been selected and grown via   organic farming.  The raw extract from the root of Butea Superba contains flavonoids   and flavonoid glycosides demonstrating comparable benefit as that of   any commercial male enhancing pill, without any of the side effects.   Studies have showed that high flavonoid and flavonoid  glycoside content may support blood flow to male genitals,   may promote normal sexual function and erectile  capacity, enhances sensitivity and performance.  100% Pure Pharmaceutical Grade Butea Superba (Red Kwao Krua) Kwao Krua Dang Pharmaceutical Grade Butea Superba 100% Pure Pharmaceutical Grade Butea Superba (Red Kwao Krua) Kwao Krua Dang Pharmaceutical Grade Kwao Krua Butea Superba and Pueraria Mirifica
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