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Menopause Swollen Stomach

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What does it means to have a swollen uterus?

I am having sharp and dull pains on the sides of my stomach. my peroid is off and on lasting for a month and staying off for a month. I am 51 years old is this because of I am going thourgh Menopause. what can this be. The doc. told me that my womb was uterus

your uterus (or womb as it is commonly called) is a muscular organ. If it is swollen there is inflammation of the muscle tissue, which may be caused by infection, causing swelling. There could also be fibroid or benign cyst tissue adding to the size of the uterus. You are at the right age for Menopause. A simple blood test to determine Hormone levels will diagnose that. Your doctor should be able to tell you if any of this applies to you.

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