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Menopause Sweaty Feet

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Reduce Excessive Sweating – Excessive Sweating Sleep – How To Stop Sweaty Hands

Reduce Excessive Sweating

The Symptoms of Excessive Sweating – There are many symptoms of this condition including women sweating during menopause sweating when most people wouldn’t be sweating sweating from many areas of the body sweating when you’re stressed and generally feeling like sweat is a problem.

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The most common place for people to sweat excessively is the underarm area but other common areas involve the hands and feet. This condition is mostly due to stress anxiousness and other conditions such as hypoglycemia. Other things that can cause the hyperhidrosis condition is obesity and the consumption of alcohol nicotine and caffeine.

Over sweating can cause you to have to constantly bathe or change your clothing. Also you’ll have to do more laundry from constantly changing your clothes.

The approach to treating excessive sweating generally proceeds as follows: Surgery — cervical sympathectomy as a last resort.

The cause of hyperhidrosis is overactive sweat glands. There are two types of hyperhidrosis: generalized and focal. In generalized hyperhidrosis excessive sweating occurs over the entire body. It is often caused by a medical condition such as an infection a chronic disease or a disorder that disrupts the body’s natural balance of Hormones.

Excessive sweating is the main symptom of hyperhidrosis. It may affect the entire body or just certain body areas such as the armpits hands face or feet. Because it causes increased wetness on the surface of the hands the face and other areas of the body this condition may significantly affect a person’s social life. Many people feel self-conscious about shaking hands or hugging and may avoid physical activity because it makes them sweat.

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