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Sex Aids For Impotence

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Herbal Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Herbal Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

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sex aids for impotence

Acupressure to increase vitality and resolve sexual problems

The problems related to sex men are usually the result of a development unbalanced due to the disturbance in the sex glands. In most cases, young patients between the ages of 18-20 years or even mature adults Not to mention their sexual problems such as masturbation, the emission of semen in erotic dreams, wet dreams, ejaculation general disease, and HIV / AIDS. Try to fool doctors about symptoms like loss of appetite, memory loss and early fatigue, general weakness, or feeling burning in the body.

In such cases the root cause are two main reasons – physical and psychological problems. Because of these two reasons only sexual life of men becomes boring and sad. gender issues in general, men can be summarized as follows:


The inability of men to achieve an erection adequate for intercourse. This is a normal problem of men, psychologists say after 40 years the life of every person was one of the three may be suffering from impotence. There are several reasons for this such as mental tension and stress, fatigue, illness long, the use of alcohol. Porter in Macbeth Shakespeare knew about the influence of alcohol when he said "drink provides the desire, but further performance. "impotence often leads to anxiety to fail after getting an erection. Premature ejaculation is sometimes prior to impotence.

Ejaculation Early

During intercourse the man was soon discharged known as premature ejaculation. It has two categories:

  1. Before engaging in sexual activity man download only just touch the woman called "Ante Portas ejaculation."
  2. Activities start time and man sexual discharge is called "slides ejaculation message." In this case the man was upset and sad, and she loses interest in sex. This is due to nervous system problems and psychological reasons.

Abnormal spermatorrhea

Involuntary discharge of semen, without orgasm. In this case the man is discharged without contact of the lady. This problem occurs especially in youth.


In this case, the semen is out before or after passing urine or sometimes gets away with the urine and causes sexual weakness in the body.

Male infertility

Some men complete intercourse, but no active sperm to produce baby.

The loss of sexual desire

Some men have no interest in sex because of some physical and psychological disorders. So refrain from having sex.

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