The Northern Kingdom Monks' lost text is Found! Their ancient secret reveals the best way to... Bring human aging to a virtual STAND STILL And Twenty-first century science confirms: "They're right!" It is the 14th century and in the muggy, dense jungles of modern day Thailand and Myanmar, the highest order of monks in the Northern Kingdom is about to receive... The secret to outfoxing Father Time. Villagers have traveled many weeks to deliver their gift -- a sacred secret they claim can... BRING AGING TO A COMPLETE STAND STILL The monks will place it through rigorous tests, often for many years, before reaching their final verdict. But this special secret passes them all -- as if it were a great gift from God. The monks painstakingly scrawl their message over a withered piece of dried palm leaf and store it within their sacred library for future generations. "Strong like a young man...Capable of memorizing three books of astrology...The soft skin of 6-year-old child." How do we know this story is real? Because the lost text has been discovered THE SECRET IS OUT! The YOUTHFUL SECRET FOR OUTSMARTING FATHER TIME Over the years, We at ShareGMR have been searching for remedies to the effects of aging. But an all-in- one weapon against the ravages of aging? The legend even forced me to be skeptical. In fact, I bet you're thinking a number of the exact questions I had... Just how can one single CURE help me feel younger each and every year? That's the fantastic thing about this ancient secret. I'll give you all of the details within a moment, but this substance is packing a "whole body technique" that is beyond anything scientists have ever thought . The end result? Your hair is thick, full and beautiful. Your skin is visibly brighter and tighter. And the best part? Your system  could actually be better able to combat cancer. Sounds great thus far, right? That's just the beginning... This sounds VERY POWERFUL. How do I know it's safe? It really is powerful and you are right, something that can focus on the dirty tricks of aging really should be approached with caution. But this rediscovered gem is 100's of years old and is less toxic than ordinary sugar. How on earth have I not heard about this? This secret has passed from village to village since the 14th century, but only within the past 10 years has the Thai government put its homegrown age-defying miracle to modern science's tests. And as you are going to discover, the results are so strong, you are going to want to get this information about this medical breakthrough as soon as you can. Now that it is released -- demand is tremendous. Buddhist monks, ancient texts, a "fountain of youth" secret? It might sound like the plot to a new Indiana Jones movie, but be prepared because when... This ancient legend went up against Twenty-first century science... IT KNOKED IT OVER! Legend has it that for centuries this "miraculous" herb has been keeping Thai villagers virile, surging with strength in addition to being mentally on-point as they were thirty years prior. Nevertheless the ancient text, the youthful effects as well as the fact that certain villages have relied on this secret for centuries weren't enough... At we would like to know why it truly does work. Surely our comprehension of physiology and medicine would prove that this ancient Buddhist secret is all in the mind, right? Not at fact, as it happens this herb is infused with... The building block for youthful 60's, 70's and beyond While the monks from the Northern Kingdom could only notice the surging energy and power this herb gave them, modern-day scientists have proven that it is loaded with your own body's secret to reversing age. Miroesterol is a plant compound that safely mimics an estrogen that's shared by both women and men. Analysis has proved that miroesterol is nearly 3,000 times more powerful than soy isoflavones in boosting your own body's estrogenic activity. For Woman that could mean... Sailing through the effects of menopause -- without hot flashes, cramping or insomnia... The power to combat every woman's worst fear -- breast cancer... Holding onto your looks as well as looking better with tight skin, a rosy glow and thick, "show it off" hair. Being a man, you might hear the word "estrogen" and think, Absolutely no way. But don't worry. As the text says... "If aging men take this medicine, they will become strong just like a young man." You are able to spin back the clock -- Reclaim your looks, reclaim your energy, reclaim your youth First, permit me to be clear. You're right to be concerned about estrogen. As you age, testosterone levels can fall through the floor while levels of estrogen begin to creep higher and higher. Which could result in a reduction in energy, sex drive, a sagging gut including a receding hairline. But here's the genuine medical marvel -- this herb doesn't simply mimic estrogen as many other phytoestrogens do -- it's much smarter than that... A cutting-edge breakthrough... from 700 years ago!? Imagine, a secret plant discovered 700 years ago...accomplishing a medical feat that modern day scientists have trouble with to this day! You see, the substance found in this youthful secret affects the estrogen receptors. That's fantastic news for males because when levels of estrogen are too high, this single herb ties up receptors so that estrogen passes on by. So you can press the pause button on aging and... Rewind wrinkles, "spare tire" syndrome as well as  baldness -- safely and naturally This aging solution is so strong that when it comes to affecting hormone-dependent cancers -- like breast cancers -- scientists feel that its active compound acts similarly to the breast cancer drug, tamoxifin. Bear in mind, it's proven safe. Yes it's true, when results keep coming back this strong, the very first reaction most researchers have is to say "make sure people stop using this must be toxic!" But when this hidden plant ran through an LD50 test (which measures the dosage that could affect a lab animal), it scored a super safe 40 after Two weeks. Now, the lower the score, the more toxic to put that in perspective -- simple ordinary sugar scores a 29! Sufficiently strong enough to fight cancer -- but safer than sugar? It goes against everything we've come to know -- nevertheless it's true. The Buddhist monks of the Northern Kingdom came to love, respect and value this gift in the jungles above any of their findings. And with their message from the past -- this secret is now getting closer and nearer to helping you halt aging. This secret is extremely rare... but an exclusive source is awaiting you The possibilities for this herbal fountain of youth are endless. Numerous studies have already begun that will test this secret against cosmetic aging, prostate concerns, osteoporosis as well as Alzheimer's. But for now -- the source is exceedingly limited. You see, there are actually 13 different varieties of this plant -- but this is the only one tested and proven to achieve the breath-taking power to reverse a number of the side effects to aging. At this time, we only know of one source. It's reliable, safe, and considering this secret's powers and elusiveness -- it's affordable. And I want you to feel stronger, more energetic and even smarter, but most importantly...Here is how you can get it for yourself. THE RULES HAVE CHANGED -- Feel younger with every birthday Your age may climb every year, but imagine feeling younger and younger as the years tick by... Your thick head of hair stays it's natural color jet black, golden blonde or ravishingly red -- through your 60's... Your energy soars while you  walk full rounds of golf -- through your 70's... And your skin? Still it catches eyes with a rosy, firm tone -- through your 80's... Perhaps it will sound like a can't really feel and perhaps appear younger while you  age, right? It might not be with this secret's special process to changing the laws of aging... The fascinating fact behind this powerhouse... This age-conquering secret -- for men and women? In the beginning, you might think exactly what is the big deal? But for any true age- defying miracle to really take effect -- it usually works for one or the other. But this ancient secret is special -- and it is confounding scientists with its abilities. The simple truth is, by affecting the estrogen in men and women, rather then boosting or decreasing it -- everyone gets special benefits. Ladies, imagine if you could end the crippling effects of menopause like night sweats and cramping...or smooth your skin for girlish good looks...or perhaps prevent the most dreaded form of cancer? And men? You could retain your full head of hair...maintain the healthiest prostate for control in the bathroom...or return your strength and energy to levels you have not seen since you went "over the hill." This is the cutting-edge power of this ancient breakthrough. It's a technique science has been attempting to master for decades, but it took an unearthed text to show us exactly how. 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