The Northern Kingdom Monks' lost text is DISCOVERED! This ancient secret reveals how to...Bring human aging to a virtual STAND STILL  And 21st century science confirms: "They're right!"  During the 14th century, in the muggy, dense jungles of modern day Thailand and Myanmar, the highest order of monks of this Northern Kingdom is about to receive...The secret to outfoxing Father Time. Increase Breast Size Pueraria Mirifica White Kwao Krua Kwao Krua Kao Lovers Sexual Enhancement Herb Pueraria Mirifica Butea Superba Kwao Krua Pueraria Mirifica Scientific Name(s) : Pueraria Mirifica Family : Leguminosae Common Name(s) : Kwao Krua Kao, White Kwao Krua (Thailand)  Pueraria Mirifica Side Effects:       According to a recent study by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the only pueraria mirifica side effect occurred in women sensitive to estradiol, a predominant female sex hormone, resulting in slight headaches after use. In a 2004 study by the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Hat Yai Regional Hospital in Songkhla, Thailand, Subjects were pre and post­menopausal women with vasomotor symptoms, such as hot flushes and night sweats.. Thirty- seven cases were evaluated. 20 of 37 (54.1%) randomly received a dose of 50 mg/day of Pueraria mirifica (Group A), and 17 of 37 (45.9%) received 100 mg/day of Pueraria mirifica (Group B). Pueraria Mirifica Side Effects Conclusion: Pueraria mirifica, containing phytoestrogens, relatively alleviated the climacteric symptoms in perimenopausal women. While there was a slight decrease in lipoproteins and an increase in hormonal profiles, White Kwao Krua Pueraria mirifica demonstrates great promise in the treatment of climacteric symptoms among perimenopausal women. Journal of Medical Association of Thailand  Warning: Should not be used with caffeine or alcohol Should not be used by women under the age of 20, or who have cysts, tumours, or cancers of Breasts, ovary or uterus. Do not use during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Women currently taking birth control pills should consult their health care provider before taking pueraria mirifica, to avoid potential interactions that could affect the efficacy of their medication.  Taking pueraria mirifica may cause spotting as well as early or delayed periods, which "is very safe and normal." Safety With regard to the safety and efficacy of dermal preparations of Pueraria mirifica extract, standard dermal toxicity tests were performed in various animal species as well as in humans, and no toxicity was observed. Excerpt from Medicinal Plant Research Institute, Dept. of Medical Sciences, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand. 100% Pure Pharmaceutical Grade Pueraria Mirifica (White Kwao Krua) Pharmaceutical Grade Pueraria Mirifica Pharmaceutical Grade Kwao Krua Butea Superba and Pueraria Mirifica Free International Shipping Pueraria Mirifica Butea Superba Kwao Krua Kwao Krua Kao (pueraria Mirifica) Kwao Krua Dang (Butea Superba) The Fountain of Youth Has Been Found For Ladies | White Kwao Krua Pueraria Mirifica | increase breast size | Natural Menopause Remedy For Men | Red Kwao Krua | Erectile Dysfunction Treatment | Anti-Aging Where to Buy Pueraria Mirifica
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